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Grandchildren’s Offspring : A Special Ceremony To Honor & Celebrate The Joyous Occasion

Grandchildren’s Offspring : The celebration you are describing is a special ceremony to honor and celebrate the great-grandchildren and their offspring in the family. It is a joyous occasion where the fourth-generation grandchild and their spouse pay respects to their great-grandparents.

Grandchildren’s Offspring & Here are the main steps involved in the ceremony

  1. Worshiping the Feet: The grandchild and their spouse perform a ritual where they bow down and touch the feet of the great-grandparents as a sign of respect and reverence.
  2. Offering New Clothes: The grandchild and their spouse present new clothes to the great-grandparents. This gesture signifies love and cares toward the elder generation.
  3. Milk Ritual: The couple drinks milk from a golden bowl. This act symbolizes purity, nourishment, and blessings for future generations.
  4. Thotakura (Leafy Vegetable) Seeds: The born baby holds Thotakura seeds in their hand and sprinkles them in the soil. Thotakura is a leafy vegetable, and the act of sowing the seeds represents growth, fertility, and the continuation of the family lineage.
  5. Bringing Home the Soil: The soil, where the Thotakura seeds were sprinkled, is collected and brought home. It is then placed in a pot to cultivate Thotakura plants.
  6. Crossing Three House Porches: The great-grandparents, accompanied by the grandchild and their spouse, cross three house porches while carrying Mudi Manumani. This act is considered auspicious and signifies the blessings and good fortune bestowed upon the family.
  7. Harvesting and Eating Thotakura: Once the Thotakura plants have grown and the leaves are ready for harvest, they are cooked and eaten on a plate using their hands. This communal meal symbolizes unity, abundance, and the nourishment provided by the family’s efforts.

It’s important to note that this celebration can take place even if one of the great-grandparents is alive, as it is meant to honor and acknowledge their presence and contribution to the family.

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