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Gudu Gudu Gunjam : A Popular Game Played By Both Boys & Girls

Gudu Gudu Gunjam : A popular game loved by both boys and girls. Here are the rules and gameplay of Gudu Gudu Gunjam:

  1. All the children sit together in one place in the evening and put their fists on top of each other’s fists.
  2. The game leader, usually the older child, plays with their index finger in their fist and sings the following song: “Gudu Gudu Gunjam Gunde Ragam
    Pamula Pattum Pagadaragam
    Chinnanna Gurram Chindulu Thokke
    Peddanna Gurram Pendliki Poye
    Nee Gurram Neelaku Poye
    Naa Gurram Paalaku Poye
    Rooleyyana – Rokaleyyanaa
    Vedineelu Payana – Challa Neelu Poyana”
  3. Those who can raise their fists asking whether it is “Roleyya – Rokalayena Vennilu” or “Channilu” should ask for what the game leader asks for.
  4. For example, if they are asked for “katteyamani” (knife), the game leader should hit their knuckles with their index finger as if using a knife. Then, they should kiss their fist and hide behind.
  5. After everyone has done this, the child asks all the participants what happened to their hands. They all reply that their hands have been dragged away.
  6. When the child is asked how far they would go, they respond by saying they would go as far as “Kondapalli.”
  7. The child then tickles all the other participants, and they chase the child to catch them. The one who catches the child becomes the winner.

In Uttar Andhra, the game is played slightly differently. The song changes a bit, and after the song, there are questions and answers given by the children.

Gudugudu guncham, gunde ragam,
pamula patnam, patika bellam,
Thatha thatha nee pelli eppudu…
repu kaaka ellundi.
pedanaana gurram pelliki poye,
chinnaana gurram chuttiki poye,
an chethulemo pilli ethukupoye”
nee chethulevi – Pillethukupoyindi
pellini ekkadi varaku tharimav – Golkonda varaku
golconda emi ichindi -gavvaicchindi
Gavvemchesav – Gothilo Kappetta
Goyyi em ichindi – Gaddi icchindi
gadem chesav – Auviku Vesha
Avemichindi –Palichindi
Palemchalao – Ammakicchanu
Ammemichhindi – Junnuichindi.
Junnem chesav – Nana ku icchanu
nanna em iccharu – rupayilu iccharu
rupayilu em chesav – panthulu gaariki iccha
panthulu em chesaru- chaduvu cheppe
chaduvem chesav- maamakicche
maama em icchadu- pillanicche
pilla peru malle mogga, na peru Jamindar

The last answer is given by the child who then runs, and the others chase him or her. The one who catches the child becomes the winner.

Gudu Gudu Gunjam & Involves

Gudu Gudu Gunjam is an enjoyable game that involves singing, finger movements, and running, creating a playful and lively atmosphere among the participants.

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