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Bavilo Chheda Veyatam : A Significant Ceremony Consists Of Various Preparations & Sacred Practices

Bavilo Chheda Veyatam : A Traditional ceremony or ritual that involves various preparations and rituals.

Here’s an overview of the steps and required things involved:

Bavilo Chheda Veyatam & Required Things

  • Turmeric
  • Saffron paste
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • Three cups of chickpeas
  • Sambrani sticks
  • Modi muddalu (traditional sweet)
  • Lamp wicks
  • Cotton
  • Flowers
  • Thread
  • Leaves
  • Fruits
  • Cucumbers
  • Matchsticks


  1. Sprinkle cotton seeds on the path taken by Balintha (the person performing the ritual) when going to the well.
  2. Paint three pots (Bindas) with turmeric on the outside and decorate them with saffron drops.
  3. Fold a betel leaf and tie it with three bunches of yellow thread, then tie it to the pots like a rope.
  4. Prepare a bin by putting a little buttermilk, 10-15 cotton seeds, and a betel leaf.
  5. Paint five saffron drops onto the well. If there is no well available, three stones or lumps of clay can be placed near a boring pump and decorated with yellow saffron to represent Goddess Gauri.
  6. Perform a worship (pooja) and make an offering. Hold the betel leaves in the binda and release drops of buttermilk into the well while saying a prayer.
  7. Drop the cotton seeds and betel leaves into the well.
  8. Balintha fetches three buckets of water from the well, and neighbors contribute water to fill the three buckets.
  9. Fill three pots with water.
  10. Those who receive mudda (a type of sweet) should receive three modi muddas, three cloves of garlic, fruits, tambulum (betel leaf offering), and chickpeas in a bowl.
  11. After touching the water in the pot and taking the mudda, they should hit Balintha’s back with both hands while saying, “Eta balinta Eta Shulinta.”
  12. Balintha should hit the backs of those who gave the muddas as well.
  13. Balintha carries the pots inside the house, and sister-in-laws stop her at the porch, ask her the name of her husband, and then send her inside.
  14. Place the three pots at the puja mandir (altar) and offer prayers.
  15. Enter the house through a different door than the one used when going to the well.
  16. Avoid meeting pregnant women in the family at this time.
  17. Prepare modi muddalu by frying modipullalas, grinding them into powder, mixing with flour, jaggery, and ghee, and forming them into balls.
  18. Decorate the cradle with flowers and drape it with silk and betel leaves.
  19. Arrange vakkas, chickpeas, fruits, and tambulas on the four sides of the cradle.
  20. Place the baby (Babu) in the cradle with the head towards the east and offer aarti.
  21. Swing the cradle while singing jokes and lullabies.

The ceremony is typically performed on specific days such as Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and specific tithis (lunar days) considered auspicious according to the Hindu calendar.

Please note that this description provides a general understanding of the Bavilo Chheda Veyatam ceremony, and specific customs and traditions may vary based on regional and cultural practices.

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