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Niskhkramana Samskaram : An Important Practice Of Bringing A Child Out Of House For 1st Time

Niskhkramana Samskaram : Exit means bringing the child out of the house for the first time . Until then, when a child who has been brought up at home enters the outside world for the first time , a lot of precautions ( physical and spiritual ) must be taken to protect the child from the strong forces of nature and from the clutches of supernatural forces . Hence this culture Considered very important . But there is no extensive mention of this rite in Vedic literature . Maybe it’s a simple culture .

There are different traditions that this rite of departure can be done from the twelfth day to the fourth month of the baby’s birth . Bhavishyapurana and Brihaspati Smriti say that this departure rite should be done on the 12th day itself . That is, immediately after the naming , the baby should be given darshan of the sun .

Some others say Suryadarshan in the third month , the fourth It is said that it is moon sighting during the month . Parents are eligible to perform this samskara following Grihya Sutras . But according to Muhurta Sangraha, it says that uncle should do this rite . The Vishnu Dharmottara says that this rite should be performed by a babysitter .

Niskhkramana Samskaram & Making Of Swastika Seak

The procedure to be done is to make a swastika seal with cow dung on the place where the sun shines and sprinkle grain on it . In the presence of caste deities, deity worship should be performed with instrumental music . While chanting Ashtadikpalakas , Surya Chandra Vasudevas , Akasha , Brahmin food , reciting auspicious hymns , Sankhadhvani and Vedic mantras . _
The father takes the baby out and recites the Shakunta Sukta ( Svastinah Shakune Astu…. Pratinassummanabhava ) or a hymn meaning ” May this child be alert and alert , day and night , may the advanced gods of Indra protect him ” . After that take the baby and go to the temple He should worship Swami and bring him home and make him sit on his uncle’s lap.

Later relatives meet and blessings are done . According to Jupiter , the child is well decorated and placed on the vehicle , but it should be brought out by the uncle . Then the relatives are with the baby in Melthalam . Coated with cow dung

The grain is sprinkled in the area exposed to sunlight . The father chanted mantras like ” Tryambakam Yajamahe ” etc. _ _ Then Shiva and Vinayaka should be worshipped . Food should be distributed to the children . It is thought that the greatness of creation is not imprinted on the child ‘s tender mind by this culture .

The sight of the moon is like the sight of the sun to the baby.There are some traditions that should also be shown . While the father bows back to the west , the wife should come to the south side and twist the son’s hair and put the baby’s head towards the north and give the son to the husband .

Then she came back and standing on the north side recited some mantras and gave the child to the mother and the father performed this rite . Ashtadasa Kalpa Sutra says that to complete it , one should take water in hand and worship the moon on the first day of every Shuklapaksha month.

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