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Chaluva Kaavidi : A Sacred & Important Rite To Alleviate The Body Heat

Chaluva Kaavidi : Amidst the arid embrace of the wedding season, The ceremony unfolds as a sacred rite, meticulously crafted to alleviate the body heat of the revered son-in-law.

Chaluva Kaavidi & Nature Gifts

With profound reverence, a cornucopia of nature’s gifts, adorned with fresh palms, sapota, karabuja, watermelon, sweet potatoes, and tantalizing grapes, is tenderly presented, symbolizing the rejuvenating touch of Mother Earth.

As blessings overflow, shimmering silver treasures and an exquisite assortment of succulent fruits grace the occasion, infusing an aura of opulence and abundance.

Moreover, the bestowal of resplendent new garments signifies a tapestry of affection, respect, and the seamless merging of families, as they embark on a harmonious journey together.

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