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Acchanagandlu : A Traditional Game With Fun & No Age Limit Of Playing

Acchanagandlu : A traditional game played by girls in villages. It can be played with any number of five gacchakayalu (marble stones). The objective of the game is to throw and catch the seeds within a specific time frame.

To play Accaanagandlu , you hold five marbles in your hand and drop a seed on top of them. Before the seed falls back down, you quickly release the four marbles and catch the falling seed. This process is repeated multiple times with different variations.

For example, one time you may drop and catch four nuts, the next time three nuts, then two and four nuts, and so on. Each time, you drop and catch a specific number of nuts. A predetermined target number is set, and the first person to reach that number is declared the winner.

While playing, if a girl fails to catch the falling seed, she shouts “Chenganaalo Chenganalu” and passes the game to the next girl. Various variations and names are given to the game, such as kuppilu, puvvilu, addudu kuppilu, kumkuma bharanilu, etc.

In the game, the girls sing a song to accompany the gameplay. The song goes like this: “One O Chelia, two Revanna, three Muchiluka, four Nandanna, five Aratipandu (Banana), six Jawwadi, seven Bedili, eight Elamanda, nine Tokuchu, Patteda.” This adds to the joy and excitement of the game.

If marbles (gacchakayalu) are not available, the game can also be played with small pebbles. Additionally, there is another variation of the game called Punji, where four picks are called punjis. Two punjis make a kacchatam, five kacchatas make a horse, and five horses make an elephant. The player who makes the most elephants wins the game.

Acchanagandlu & Tamarind Seeds

To play with chinta pikkalu (tamarind seeds), you pour them in a heap. Before catching one seed, you need to separate four seeds from the pile. The game continues until the top pick is caught.

Accaanagandlu is a joyful and engaging game that brings girls together to have fun and showcase their skills in catching and throwing the seeds or marbles.

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