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Hide and Seek : Dagudumoothalu- Dandakor Played By Children With Fun & Joy

Hide and Seek : Also Known as Dagudumuthalu-Dandakor , A game played by small children with older children. The older children play a significant role in this game and invite their neighbors and friends to participate. There is no specific limit on the number of children who can play this game.

To begin the game, all the children stand in a row, and the eldest child stands opposite them. One of the standing children is chosen to be “denner” This child sits behind someone and covers the eyes of the person sitting in front with one hand.

Hide and Seek & Started With Singing A Song As

The child who is “denner” holds the hand of the blindfolded child with their other hand and sings a song, “Vedi Vedi Gummadi… Veri peru emiti” (meaning “What is their name?”). The children who are standing opposite each other take turns going to the middle and asking, “Gummadi, which street?” The blindfolded child then calls out the name of a street, and they hold hands with the child standing opposite them, who becomes their partner.

The blindfolded child goes from child to child, asking for their name, and assigning them a hiding spot based on the name they were given. After everyone has found their hiding spot, the blindfolds are removed, and the children who were “denner” say that the cat (Dandakor pilli) has come to catch the rat (Pilli vacche eluka Badram).

The child who was “denner” then search for and catch the other children, removing their blindfolds to find them. If someone is found hiding, they are considered “out.” The game continues until all the children have been found, and the first child to be caught becomes the new “denner” The cycle repeats, and the game goes on for a long time, with all the children playing happily.

The rhyme or chant associated with Dagudumuthalu-Dandakor is as follows:

Pilli vacche eluka Badram,
Ekkadi dongalu akkadane gapchup Sambaru buddy,
Kallu musi Kaalicor, Ekkadi dongalu akkadane
Adukko – Buddukko Sambar buddi.”

This chant adds an element of fun and rhythm to the game, making it more enjoyable for the children.

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