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Baby Shower : Important Procedure To Be Followed

Baby Shower : When finishing the bath, put some water in the bottom of the vessel and take some water in the bowl and swirl it around the baby three times as mentioned below.

Jota Pota Jonnari Pota , 

( Name the baby/baby) 

Everyone who saw it was crying  

( Saying and bringing the child’s hand close as if putting a stick ) Jeja for Rajarajeshwara, Jeja for Tirupati Venkanna, Jeja for Alamelu Mangamma, Jeja for Padmavati, Jeja for three deities, Jeja for three deities, Jeja for three deities.


Baby Shower & Follows By

Say as follows, taking water in hand and swirling it around the child, says

Shri Rama Raksha Nurelu Ayushshu Nela –

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