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Bottu Pettadam : Putting A Blob Consider As An Sacred & Holy Practice

Bottu Pettadam : In the presence of any elderly woman who enters her home, the virtuous lady applies a saffron mark on her own forehead, specifically between her eyebrows. Only then does she bestow her blessings upon the esteemed guest, uttering the heartfelt words, “Dirgha Sumangali Bhava,” while adorning the guest’s forehead with the same saffron mark.

Bottu Pettadam & Applying A Saffron Mark

At this juncture, one might question the necessity of applying the saffron mark on oneself before imparting it to the guest. Furthermore, it may be asked why widows are prohibited from applying the saffron mark, as it is considered inauspicious for them to do so. The act of applying the saffron mark on oneself serves as a declaration, signifying that the hostess herself is also a venerable woman, worthy of respect and reverence, in a manner befitting the occasion.

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