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Bonalu : Big Celebrations 2023 ఛాయా చిత్రం పోటీ

Bonalu : Telugu Traditions is very much pleased to announce Bonalu 2023 Photo Contest to encourage Telugu cultural and make people immerse in celebrating our very own Telugu traditions. We request you participate in the contest and also encourage others to participate.

Bonalu & Competitions

మీరు పోటీలో పాల్గొనవలసిందిగా కోరుతున్నాము మరియు ఇతరులను కూడా పాల్గొనేలా ప్రోత్సహించామని కోరుతున్నాము. ఈ మంచి సమాచారం పది మందికి తెలిసేలా చేయండి!

Telugu Traditions - Bonalu 2023: బోనాలు 2023 ఛాయా చిత్రం పోటీ

The Festival stands as a testament to the devotion, cultural richness, and unity of the people of Telangana. It exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the community, showcasing their deep-rooted faith and gratitude towards the Goddess Mahakali. Beyond its religious connotations. It encapsulates the essence of social harmony, cultural preservation, and environmental consciousness. As this vibrant celebration continues to thrive and evolve, it remains a significant part of Telangana’s cultural fabric, captivating the hearts and minds of those who participate in this remarkable festival.

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