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Purna Kumbham : The Official Symbol Of Andhra Pradesh’s Prosperity

Purna Kumbham : Also known as Kalash or Kumbha, is the official symbol of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Traditionally, a brass pot is used for the Poorna Kumbha, but copper or earthen pots can also be used when a brass pot is not available. The pot is filled with water and topped with a coconut known as “tenkaya,” surrounded by mango leaves.

Purna Kumbham & It’s Process Of Making

The process of making Poorna Kumbha involves decorating the top of the pot with a circular design using Mamidaku (a type of rangoli or decorative pattern). Sometimes, the coconut is covered with a white or yellow cloth. This completed setup is called Purnakumbha and is considered sacred and prepared with mantras. It is used in auspicious ceremonies such as marriages, housewarming ceremonies, and daily prayers. It is also placed as a “Welcome Sign” at the front door of homes.

However, the government of Andhra Pradesh has made changes to the emblem of the state. The previous symbol included the Poorna Kumbha, but the government determined that it was incorrect. Instead, they declared that the symbol represents Poorna Ghatam, a different sacred object. The specific details and significance of Poorna Ghatam may vary based on the government’s decision and any associated explanations provided.

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