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Kommu Nrityam : A Unique Form Of Dance Expressing The Rich Heritage

Kommu Nrityam : Also known as Periyakok Aata in the Koya language, is a traditional dance performed by the tribes living in the coastal areas of Godavari, particularly the Koyas. The dance is named “Periyakok” because the plowman wears horns and performs the dance imitating the actions of plowing. The instrument used during the dance is called “Dolu Koya.”

Kommu Nrityam & Koyas

The Koyas celebrate the Bhudevi festival in the month of Chaitra. As part of this festival, the men traditionally go hunting in the forest. The Kommu dance is performed by the Koyas on the occasion of their successful return home after hunting. During the dance, the performers adorn themselves with plowhorns and peacock feathers and showcase their skills in a rhythmic and energetic manner.

Over time, Kommu Nritya has become a part of Telugu tradition and is cherished as a unique form of dance expressing the cultural heritage of the Koya tribe in the coastal regions of Godavari.

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