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Deeparadhana : Plays A Significant & Important Place In Hindu Tradition

Deeparadhana : Lighting a lamp holds a significant place in our Hindu tradition. People start by taking a clean bath, wearing freshly washed clothes, and standing in front of God to light a lamp. The lamp is lit using either a cotton wick or an oil-soaked wick. To light the lamp, the wick is first twisted and its ends are closed with the fingers. Ghee should be added to the lamp along with the oil, avoiding the direct application of oil on the wicks. This ensures that the lamp does not go out prematurely, as it should not be said that the lamp has gone out.

Deeparadhana & Sloka To Be Recited As

After lighting the wick, saffron can be placed in the lamp. It is also customary to wear saffron on the head while lighting the lamp. At this time, the following sloka is recited: “Deepam Jyoti Parabrahma, Deepam Jyoti Janardhana, Deepena Harate Paapam, Sandhya Deepam Namostute” which means “I bow to the lamp, which is the divine light, the illuminator of the universe, which removes sins.”

A house with a lamp is believed to invite the presence of Goddess Lakshmi ,Who bestows wealth, health, and peace upon the household. Lighting a lamp is also seen as a way to seek protection and blessings from the divine.

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